Emerging Air Conditioning Technologies That You Should Consider for Your Warehouse

Posted on: 6 June 2017


If you own a warehouse, you need to install an air conditioning system. However, to get value for your money, you need to keep up to date with emerging technologies. The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning industry is technologically dynamic. As such, warehouse owners are turning to service providers who can integrate the latest technologies to their air conditioning systems. The earlier you have information on emerging HVAC technologies, the better you will be at improving working conditions for your employees.

Movement-Activated AC Units — At one point or another during the day, there will be areas inside the warehouse where human traffic will be minimal. Since air conditioning systems use energy, you should plan how to minimize utility bills. One piece of technology that controls when to activate and deactivate air conditioning units is motion-sensing technology. For example, if there is no human movement in a particular area, the air conditioning goes off. The AC unit then comes back on when a certain amount of movement is detected.  Using this technology will allow you to reduce energy requirements at any given time.

Ice Powered Systems — Companies are also producing air conditioning systems that are powered by ice. The type of technology freezes water in a tank overnight then uses the ice to cool a unit. It might seem like you will use a lot of water for the AC unit to cool your entire warehouse, but that is not the case. Notably, water is recycled and used for cooling the following day. As such, consider using this type of technology for specific areas of the warehouse, such as offices and storerooms; that is, parts that are not demanding regarding cooling needs. Currently, ice-powered units can provide cooling for a commercial storage for up to six hours, which is sufficient to reduce your energy utility costs significantly.

Dual Fuel System Pumps — Air conditioning heat pumps provide the maximum amount of comfort if a combination of fuels is used. Nowadays, there are air conditioning units that incorporate an electric heat pump, as well as a gas furnace, which can come in handy for your warehouse. When temperatures are low, the unit relies on the efficiency of gas for optimal heat management. On the other hand, the unit's electric pump takes over when warehouse temperatures rise. The dual fuel pump mechanism takes advantage of the efficiency of each fuel source in maintaining air quality.

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