Vent Out Of Shape: Should You Have Your Air Conditioning Vents And Ducts Professionally Cleaned?

Posted on: 6 June 2017


Your home air conditioning system is a vital line of defense against the average Australian summer, so keeping your home air conditioning system well maintained is always a must. These doesn't just mean making sure the mechanical components of your air conditioner are in good working order — to maximise the efficiency of your air conditioning system, you should have your system thoroughly cleaned at regular intervals.

However, while most air conditioner owners take care to have the compressors and other mechanical components of their conditioning system cleaned, the vents and ducts that transport cool air to where it is needed are often neglected. As you can imagine, blowing clean air through dirty vents is somewhat counterproductive, and there are many reasons to have your ducts and vents professionally cleaned by air conditioner maintenance services.

What are the benefits of having my air conditioning vents and ducts professionally cleaned?

Health benefits: If left uncleaned for extended periods, the ducts and vents of your air conditioning system can become riddled with dust, hair, mold spores and other airborne contaminants, which are released into the air when the air conditioner is functioning. As you can imagine, breathing in these contaminants regularly is hardly good for your health and can trigger respiratory problems such as asthma attacks and allergic reactions. Having your vents and ducts professionally and thoroughly cleaned will effectively remove these potential airborne hazards.

Ease of cleaning: Ducts and vents that release contaminated air can also make keeping your home more difficult and laborious, as the released dust and detritus settles on carpets, furniture, drapes and other objects and surfaces in your home. Having them professionally cleaned can turn your home into a cleaner, more hygienic environment remarkably swiftly.

Post-renovation cleanup: While having your ducts and vents cleaned is usually just an occasional job, having them cleaned after renovations to your home is much more important. If they are left uncleaned, deposits of powdered plaster, brick dust and other harmful contaminants created by the renovation process can become firmly entrenched in your vents.

Pest control: If neglected for a long time, air conditioning ducts and vents can also provide a home for rats, cockroaches and other unpleasant and unwanted vermin. Professional vent cleaners can effectively remove these unwanted invaders, while checking for signs of infestation (such as droppings and discarded food) if vermin are not immediately present.

Can't I just clean my ducts and vents myself?

You can, but this approach is far from recommended.

Without the professional know-how and high-end cleaning equipment utilised by air conditioning services, amateur cleaning attempts can actually be counterproductive, disturbing static deposits of dust and detritus that are subsequently released into your home's air columns. Home vacuum cleaners do not have the fine filters required to catch these very fine powders, and using one to clean your vents and ducts can end up releasing more contaminants into your home than would have been released if the problem had been left alone. For these reasons, investing in professional cleaning services is always the safest and most effective choice.