What to Discuss With Your Contractor When Installing a Timber Deck

Posted on: 20 June 2017


A timber deck can be a great choice for any part of your property; you can create a patio right off the kitchen for an outdoor eating space, or expand the family room with a full glass door wall and a timber deck along the exterior. A timber deck can also be installed around your home's pool, if you don't like the appearance of a concrete surround or edge of the pool. When you're thinking of adding timber decking to your property, note a few details to discuss with your contractor so you know you're happy with that deck for years to come.


Wood will always need some type of finish; this can be a simple gloss to help make the surface look shiny and new, or it may be a stain that helps bring out the natural grain of the wood. Note, however, that finishes are not all created equal! Opaque or transparent finishes may allow more sunlight to pass through, so that the timber fades easily. If your deck will be exposed to lots of direct sunlight, choose a stain with light blocking elements added. Some finishes are also specifically meant to withstand pool chemicals; using a standard paint on a deck next to your pool can mean seeing that paint fade very quickly. Discuss your options for finishes with your contractor, and don't just choose the cheapest brand or decide by colour alone.

Density of wood

A denser wood like bamboo or teak may suffer less abrasion from everyday foot traffic, and may be less prone to hold water and moisture. This makes them better options for next to a pool or for when you have kids or pets who are often rough on a deck's surface.

Recycled wood

Many contractors will use recycled or reclaimed wood for a deck, as this wood will usually have years of life left to it and will keep that wood out of landfills. However, you need to consider if the species of wood they use will be readily available for when you need to replace slats in the future. Some exotic species or those that are not native to the country can be difficult to find or may be very expensive, so you may face some unexpected challenges in upcoming years, when you need to repair your deck. Be sure that even recycled wood is easy to replace for when your new deck will need future work.