Ways to Use a Second Hand Shipping Container for Storage and Prepping

Posted on: 19 June 2017


If you or your family are into emergency preparedness and prepping, then you may be looking at ways to store items or to give you a backup if you need shelter. You may already know that second hand shipping containers are the ideal way to give an alternative to shelter. What you may not know is they have several other uses for preppers and sustainable living homes around the world. Here are a few of those uses and how they can benefit your prepping endeavors.

Root Cellar

As a prepper, you will end up with a fair amount of food storage and other items that benefit from a root cellar. Most root cellars are actually fairly small and can only accommodate a small amount before they are busting at the seams. A second hand shipping container offers you the ability to expand your food prepping and store multiple items. For example, you can store dried canned goods alongside root vegetables. You will even have a place for item like preserves, wine, and natural DIY tinctures for health and well-being. The possibilities as a food and prep storage root cellar are varied and limited only by your design plans and ideas.

Hydroponics Garden

You may be looking at ways to be more self sustainable while prepping. One of these ways is to go with a garden option, but that option may not be the most ideal. If you have looked at hydroponics and liked what you saw, then that could be your next best option in conjunction with a second hand shipping container. You can set up multiple hydroponics stations throughout the storage container. You can also double your space by setting up vertical options as well. The container walls and ceiling will allow you to hang growing lights, and the entire space can be closed off to defend against animals or trespassers. With the space of just one normal second hand shipping container, you can have multiple foods and even a full home grown vegetarian option if that fits your diet profile.

Medicine Station

There is a misconception that a first aid kit may be all you need in case of an emergency need. Though this would get you by for small and short-term medical issues it will not work on the long-term. Instead you should consider using a second hand shipping container for DIY natural health and medicinal purposes. You can use hydroponics to grow medicinal herbs and teas. You can then set up a dehydrating station as well as a bottling section and storage section. This allows you to grow and create your own natural medicines and tinctures as well as a place to store them without fear of them going bad or becoming damaged.

There are certain things you need to look for in a shipping container, including permits or building restrictions governing them in your area. With that in mind, consider a consultation with a second hand shipping container dealer before purchasing a container for your prepping plans.