Three Essential Tips for Hiring Toilets for Your Industrial Site

Posted on: 13 April 2018


If you are planning on establishing an industrial or construction site in a location without permanent plumbing, you will need to hire toilets. The portable toilets will ensure convenience for the workers and promote worksite sanitation while minimising the potential expenses of purchasing or building new facilities. However, you should note that the expediency of your hired toilets on your site will depend on the choices made during hire. Here are some practical tips to help you make reliable decisions when hiring the toilets.

Calculate the Units Required

You should evaluate your worksite and the scope of your project before hiring toilets for your industrial worksite. If you understand these aspects, you will know the estimated number of workers expected on your site at any one point. Once you know the expected number of workers, you can calculate the total units required for your needs. It might be difficult to determine the best number of toilets to match your requirements, especially if the population of workers will fluctuate. Therefore, you should discuss the specifics of your project with your chosen hire expert and obtain professional guidance.

Check the Features Included

You should inquire about the features included in the package when you hire toilets for your industrial uses. The features will determine the convenience experienced by your workers. Moreover, it could have a significant impact on the sanitation of the site and health of the users. Ideal toilet facilities should have a toilet with locking doors, interior lighting and a toilet paper holder. Also, there should be a hand washing area with a soap dispenser and, if possible, mirrors. Most portable loos will not have flushing facilities. However, you should look into getting water flush toilets for hire from your supplier for optimal cleanliness of the portable facilities.

Look for an Ideal Location

Finally, you should choose for a perfect site for placing your toilets before completing the hire procedure. This process is critical for ensuring convenience when the units are delivered to your location. If you have not established a perfect spot, you might cause delays and other inefficiencies because the rental company will have to wait while you find a good site. Ideally, your placement location should be on a hard-standing area with access for toilet delivery and maintenance work. You should also make sure that the workers will be able to access the area conveniently without affecting their duties. Additionally, if there is no interior lighting in the hired facilities, choose a spot with some natural light.